Study shows that RMT can help long COVID haulers recover

A new study shows significant benefits in using Airofit to recover from COVID-related respiratory symptoms.  
Living with shortness of breath can be incredibly challenging, especially for those enduring the long-term effects of COVID-19. However, there is hope on the horizon in the form of breathing training, also known as respiratory muscle training (RMT) 

Groundbreaking research with long COVID patients has shed light on the remarkable benefits of RMT. By engaging in simple and targeted breathing exercises with Airofit, the study shows that individuals can strengthen their respiratory muscles and improve their ability to breathe, opening up a world of possibilities for a better quality of life. 

At Airofit we have seen and read many great testimonials from Long Covid patients using Airofit to recover, and it’s great for us to finally see the research backing up these claims.

Struggling with long COVID symptoms

If you, like millions of others, are experiencing shortness of breath, struggling to return to physical activity or have lost confidence in your breathing, then Airofit may be the way to get you back on your feet and do what you love.   

Top athletes have long relied on respiratory muscle training to boost their performance. But the same technique holds immense potential for long COVID patients and people with respiratory issues. 

With the volume of patients, and the finite number of doctors, now is the time to take ownership of your own health, or as Dr. Kirsten puts it:

“Why not try it, if a patient suffers, the risk is very low and with COVID we have thousands of thousands of patients, it is still not over, and we can’t do all diagnostics with everyone that would be near 10% of the population.” 

With this you no longer have to go to the hospital, a clinic or your general practitioner to receive treatment. RMT with Airofit can be used as a home intervention, as an alternative to medication and current limited treatment forms. 

The Long COVID study

The study is one of the first studies of lung rehabilitation in long COVID patients and we are proud that Airofit could be a part of it. Overall, two intervention groups participated in the 8-week crossover study aiming at alleviating the profound frustration with the sense of helplessness in treating the long-term effects of COVID-19. The study showed a significant increase in both the quality of life and physical ability of all participants. Building on the growing amount of research on this promising topic.

8-week crossover study: The first group immediately started RMT and continued for 2 months. The second group underwent a month without RMT, as a control period, and then did RMT for a month.

“The whole idea of the study arose from frustration over helplessness. We had no treatment or cure,” emphasizes Dr. Kirsten, shedding light on the urgency that propelled this vital research forward. 

RMT is not a new phenomenon, research has known for decades the benefits it has to offer. But what this study shows is the power of RMT and its application to give meaning back to people’s lives, that have been stripped due to long COVID. 

While a cure remains elusive, the study brings hope to the forefront, without all the side effects of current medication.  

Breathtaking results 

The results through RMT with Airofit showed great relief from the symptoms of long COVID, from both a physical and mental standpoint.   

All patients reported a large increase in Quality of Life (QoL), shown on the St George Respiratory Questionnaire which has been long used to evaluate the efficiency of medications in other respiratory illnesses, such as Asthma and COPD. A decrease above 10 points is deemed to be very significant, with the Airofit providing users with a staggering decrease of 11.4 on average. This came from both alleviating the symptoms, as well as decreasing the participants’ perception of physical fatigue.  

The graph shows significant improvements in all areas; the effect, frequency, and severity of symptoms, the limitation on activity, and the impact on social and psychological functioning.

“The results are equivalent to very effective medication for a COPD or asthma patient”  – Dr. Kirsten

A unique point of this study was the manner in which it was conducted. Dr. Kirsten was able to not only measure the QoL change but also the changes in physical ability. This was done through maximal exercise testing (VO2 max test). The results showed that those who came into the study at the most impaired level had the highest rate of improvement. Alongside this, their lung function showed a dramatic improvement in the ability to breathe in air during maximal exercise. While ventilatory rate, or breaths per minute, was not increased the volume of air per breath was increased by 170ml. This meant an average increase of 8.9L of extra air per minute to fuel their bodies, reducing breathlessness. A strong indication that their lungs were returning to, or even overtaking their normal capacity.

“These results are statistically significant, and we know that the intervention for sure does something with subjective symptoms intensity for shortness of breath, which is a success in itself because we don’t have any other treatment.” – Dr. Kirsten

Respiratory Muscle Training in the forefront 

At Airofit, we strive to maximize the potential of RMT, by offering a three (3) pillared training approach. By allowing the user to measure, track and train their respiratory muscles, they can in real-time see their training, and how their improvements reflect this. This was a vital part of the adherence to training Dr Kirsten alluded to in the success of his study. 

“In this study, I know exactly how many minutes they trained in a month because of the remote monitoring and app training data. That’s a big step forward for everybody.”  

RMT, also known as functional lung training, has long been recognized as a go-to method for enhancing the performance of top athletes. However, this study conducted by the University of Ulm unveils the immense potential of RMT in addressing the lingering effects of COVID-19. What makes RMT even more appealing is its drug-free nature, offering a safe and non-invasive solution for patients seeking effective treatments. This has been shown in trendsetter countries, such as The Netherlands adding RMT into their treatment guidelines

Take back control over your respiratory health   

The research conducted by the University of Ulm signals a momentous breakthrough in the field of respiratory muscle training.  

The study proves that with Airofit’s smart lung trainer, the power is in your hands. By simply dedicating a few minutes each day to training with the device, you can actively contribute to your own journey to recovery. Monitor your progress in real-time with the Airofit app and gain invaluable insights into your lung health.  

It’s time to breathe life back into your lungs and regain the freedom you deserve. 

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