Fight COVID with a scientifically proven method

Reclaim your life from the most common long-COVID symptoms with breathing training made simple


Breath training helps you relieve shortness of breath by growing your lung muscle strength and breathing efficiency so you can get more air in and out of your lungs with every breath.


Deep breathing exercises stimulate your nervous system by activating the Vagus nerve and releasing more ‘happy hormones’. This builds your calm and lowers stress so you can concentrate and focus better.


Breath training offers the benefits of a workout without the strain. While activating both body and mind through 5 minutes of daily training you are actively fighting off fatigue and exhaustion.

Scientific Study: Airofit can help you recover from Long-COVID

All patients improved – as good as very effective COPD or Asthma medication

New study from Germany points to RMT with Airofit as being an effective treatment for Long-COVID haulers.
  • All patients gained significant relief from symptoms increasing their life-quality by training with the Airofit.

  • The weakest patients experienced the most significant improvement in their condition with Airofit training.

  • The Airofit Companions app kept the patients engaged and secured a consistent adherence to the training plan

Take back control with breath training

Breath training is proven to help people live better with COPD, asthma and other respiratory disabilities. New research shows that a simple daily breath training regimen can also help you ease your long COVID symptoms and regain your quality of life.

Cathrine’s quick road to recovery

“I don’t need long breaks to gather energy anymore. I felt I could full up my lungs again, as my accessible lung capacity almost doubled with training. It made a difference in my life.”

Cathrine’s life quality was taken away by a severe lack of energy and shortness of breath. After only two weeks of training 5 minutes daily with Airofit she was almost back to normal, and was even riding her bike to work again.

Start your recovery now

According to research, Airofit can help you:

  • Recover without side effects
  • Train without getting tired
  • Fight off stress and anxiety
  • Personalize your training in the app
  • Get results in a few weeks

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