“After 1 week of using Airofit I set a new FTP score during a race, while matching my previous max 20-min power output for 40 minutes.”

Alex Wallace

What is Airofit?

Airofit is a respiratory training system that improves your physical performance, as well as general wellbeing through tested breathing exercises.

Whether you’re a runner, suffer from health issues or simply want to improve your quality of life, Airofit is for you.

Airofit generates resistance on your respiratory muscles. Like other muscle groups, resistance training makes your breathing muscles faster, stronger and more efficient.

Improved endurance

Breathing muscle fatigue during extended exercise causes limb blood vessels to constrict, which compromises blood & oxygen delivery to the muscles.

Increased pace

Breath-hold exercises train your CO2 tolerance, which optimizes gas exchange and oxygen delivery to the muscles so you can push harder, for longer.

Higher energy levels

Strong breathing muscles allow you to reduce breath rate and heart rate. This allows you to use less energy on breathing itself and more on your limb muscles!

Trusted by the World’s best: Lotto Soudal

Often we have seen the question – if Airofit works, wouldn’t pros be using it? And the simple answer is, they are and have been for quite a while! Lotto Soudal has always been outspoken about only partnering up with companies and people that bring real value to their team. After several riders had started their breathing training journeys individually, they requested the team to bring everyone on board and exploit the benefits of better breathing together, as a team.

We couldn’t be more proud of this opportunity and can’t wait to see where this takes us, Airofit and Lotto Soudal this season, and beyond!

Scientifically proven to be as effective as VO2Max training

Easier, more convenient, and far more time-efficient.

Implementing additional 2 hours of high intensity cycling intervals every week week into your current training could improve your cycling performance by 5%.

Alternatively, you could gain the same benefits by using Airofit only 4 minutes a day from the comfort of your home.

Airofit is your virtual breathing coach

All Airofit exercises are developed by industry leading breathing experts. While Airofit’s resistance training will improve your breathing muscle strength, the mobile app will teach you how to use those muscles and how to breathe correctly.

By measuring your lung function, Airofit tailors all exercises to you based on this data, your age, size, gender and the chosen training goal. Via live feedback and guidance, the app ensures you perform all training correctly and teach yourself optimal breathing patterns.

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How does Airofit work?

The Airofit Breathing Trainer provides adjustable airflow resistance to your respiratory muscles. It measures your breathing volumes and strength and sends data directly to our app on your smartphone.

What does the app do?

The app acts as a virtual breathing coach, giving you live feedback and ensuring all exercises are performed correctly. Your training data is stored and gives you an overview of your progress over time. Compatible with iOS and Android.

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