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First Medical watch for long-term continuous vital signs monitoring and Real-time Arrhythmia detection. The CardiacSense watch answers an urgent unmet need: self-monitoring of heart conditions & vital signs.

The New Clinically validated and Approved for Medical use patient monitoring system with a CE mark MDR (Medical Device Regulation)

Although CardiacSense looks like a wristwatch, it is a very advanced all-in-one device that continuously records the patient’s vital values. The high-tech medical grade device can also be used for prevention.

Smart, Wearable
Watch that helps
save lives.

CardiacSense developed clusters of optomechanical sensors and patented algorithm (to remove the artifacts) that monitor large number of clinical parameters.

Supported by traditional electrocardiogram (ECG) verification, what makes the CardiacSense wearable unique is that it uses PPG technology (photoplethysmography) that is free of any movement artifacts to carry out long-term, continuous monitoring of the cardiac system’s activity

Accurate home monitoring with
unprecedented ease of use

The medical-grade device makes it possible to obtain accurate clinical data – anytime, anywhere. CardiacSense offers the ease of use of a wearable. It is possible to share data in real-time with the treating physician or care center, or set alarms via a predictive model.

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Medically Certified

Flexible Application

How does
the Watch

CardiacSense looks like a wristwatch and is worn by the users. CardiacSense watch connect to mobile phone (IOS and Android) via Bluetooth. The smart system measures 24/7 and regularly connects to a connected smartphone or hub. This then shares all data with a secure platform that is accessible via an equally secure internet connection.

All measurements will be uploaded to cloud file and once a month a detailed report of patients’ conditions will be sent to them over the mail. Additionally, all information can be accessed at any time through our portal by patient or the people provided permission.

Patient can run/jog, bath with the CardiacSense watch as CardiacSense received IP 67 certificate which makes it dust proof and water proof.

What can CardiacSense measure?

CardiacSense collects non-stop* data & collects that information in a cloud environment that is accessible to both the patient and doctor*. The system allows reports that the doctor can adjust based on their judgment.


CardiacSense gives an Artifacts free ECG, that Doctors can Rely on. This has been made possible with use of Patented ART Sensors & IP protected Algorithm. With ART sensors, any movements of Muscles are detected in Ambulatory condition and Algorithm removes all the ARTIFACTS from ECG. This information can be consulted immediately or even shared with the treating physician or health care provider via the cloud connection.


CardiacSense detect A-Fib continuously. Clinical studies demonstrated the accuracy of the CardiacSense algorithm: 99% sensitivity and 99% specificity in distinguishing atrial fibrillation (AF) from sinus rhythm. Watch will vibrate whenever A-Fib episode is detected and give alert to the patient on the watch itself.

Heart rate

Our dedicated team of scientists developed a cluster of Optomechanical sensors which have made it possible to monitor Cardiac Activity Beat by Beat with 99.6% accuracy. High and low Heart rate notifications on CardiacSense Watch– If your Heart rate remains above or below a chosen beats per minute (BPM), your CardiacSense Watch can notify you. These notifications are available on your mobile dashboard.

Respiratory Rate

CardiacSense measures Respiratory Rate (RR) beat by beat with same accuracy as Capnograph. CardiacSense is the first wrist wearable device of its kind that provides long-term, real-time, continuous and non-invasive respiratory rate (RR) monitoring. Monitoring of the RR is essential to detect not only deterioration in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), asthma and other chronic conditions, but also sleep apnea.

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2):

CardiacSense has Built in SPO2 Sensor which displays Oxygen Saturation in Live Dashboard during ECG Measurements

Core Temperature

CardiacSense can easily and accurately measure core temperature. Lightly pressing the built-in temperature sensor in the watch bezel against the forehead measures the body’s core temperature.

Continuous Recording of Vitals

CardiacSense monitors users’ vitals continuously and records it on Patient and Physician portal. Physician and Family members have live access of user’s vital parameters.

*As long as the CardiacSense is worn correctly on the wrist
*If the patient and the doctor both agree

Good to Know about future features

More Cardiac Arrhythmias

Future version of watch can detect Cardiac arrhythmias such as Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), Pauses and Prolonged QT time.

Blood Pressure (BP)

CardiacSense measures blood pressure without a cuff when two fingers are placed on the sensors on the bezel.

COPD deterioration detection

Chronic COPD Patients will have ease of monitoring their conditions at their comfort zone through Respiratory Rate, SpO2 readings & Heart Rate monitoring with CardiacSense. User will get notification of event on watch as well as in Mobile App.

Sleep Apnea Detection

Sleep apnea can contribute to atrial fibrillation & other chronic conditions. The CardiacSense can monitor SpO2, vital parameter and sleep apnea to give a complete picture of a person’s sleep apnea status to the physician. Once in a month user receives Sleep Apnea report in their mail.

Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) deterioration detection

CardiacSense monitors users’ vitals continuously and records it on Patient and Physician portal. Physician and Family members have live access of user’s vital parameters.

Stress Level Monitoring

From the Continuous measurement of Respiratory rate with same accuracy of Capnograph (Gold Standard) CardiacSense calculates HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and able to monitor Stress Level.

Physical Activity Tracker

CardiacSense Physical Activity Tracker measure Pulse Rate (PR) on move, counts steps and calories

Numerous benefits for doctors and patients.

CardiacSense offers benefit of a high-tech medical device to doctors:
  • Extensive data allows a thorough diagnosis.
  • Unprecedented opportunities for patient follow-up.
  • Provides a large amount of accurate and reproducible measurements that are comparable to the gold standard like ECG, Holter, and Capnograph.
  • Both continuous and spot measurements are possible.
    Standardization can be done across clinical departments.
  • The device has a CE mark MDR (Medical Device Regulation) and is FDA approval pending.
At the same time, this smart medical device also offers benefits for patients:
  • Unprecedented ease of use: the patient can easily install the all-in-one device themselves.
  • Non-invasive measurements (including blood pressure measurement without an inflating Cuff).
  • Unisex Design.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Tele – Health Visit

Remote patient monitoring may also be used to complement tele-health visits. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, tele-health visits have become increasingly popular as a way for people to stay in touch with their doctors remotely. However, one of the problems with tele visits is that although one is able to converse with their doctor and ask questions, the doctor has no way to actually check your vitals. With a CardiacSense medical device, patients can share vitals measurements as well as ECG reading to their doctor. And even more would be available to your doctor not only at the time of your tele-health visit, but also the rest of the time as well.

Mobile Application

More than a Device.

CardiacSense is more than the device. The system also contains software in the form of an external app and a platform with numerous application possibilities and is always up to date thanks to its cloud-based principle. CardiacSense cloud services enable users to stream data in real time, store and share measurement histories, request reports of analytical health data, and leverage integration with third-party applications, control centres & tele-health services.


Patient Portal

On CardiacSense Patient Portal, Users can view real time streaming of their vital signs and ECG. User can also set threshold for any Vitals and get notification on App and Portal if Vitals cross the threshold. User can see event report, daily report, Monthly report. Users can send request to their physician to login in and get access the patient’s vital data through Physician Portal.

Physcian Portal

On the CardiacSense portal, physicians can register for free to view real-time data, vital signs and reports of all their patients who use and have consented to use the CardiacSense watch.

Nurse Room

The ‘nurse’s room’ is a web-based centralized monitoring platform suitable for hospitals and residential care centers. On one screen, staff can view all patients in the ward with a CardiacSense watch (by room, bed and location), indicating their current health status.

External Bluetooth Connectivity of:

Who can Read
The Data?


The patient can immediately read the values on the CardiacSense watch dial, or view more detailed information via the accompanying mobile application. The app shows everything transparently via a dashboard or report.


The patient is given the opportunity to share the data with one or more doctors via a portal. In this way, doctor can view relevant clinical data before the consultation, or adjust their diagnosis during the consultation.

Third Party Involved

CardiacSense allows data to be connected to control centers such as telecare services or a nurse’s room within a specific department in a hospital or residential care home.

The Right

The CardiacSense Medical device provides healthcare professional accurate medical data they need to make correct diagnosis.


The patient’s health is monitored 24/7 by someone with the right knowledge and can intervene quickly if a worrying situation arises. That makes the patient feel safe. Moreover, no valuable time is lost.


Our innovative CardiacSense watch meets the demands of consumers, health and fitness enthusiasts, physicians, and the medical community.

Housed in a beautifully designed watch, and outfitted with the most diverse vital sign measurement capabilities in a single wearable device, the CardiacSense watch provides hassle-free monitoring and delivers greater peace of mind.

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Both App versions FREE for 2 months.

After that, a subscription can be taken out. Different types of subscriptions are available (for individuals, professionals and hospitals).

The Belts

The Cradle

The ECG Lead

The Wristband

Specially designed for in-hospital use.

The Chip

Specially designed for in-hospital use.