Fight COVID with a scientifically proven method

Fight COVID with a scientifically proven method Reclaim your life from the most common long-COVID symptoms with breathing training made simple LIMIT SHORTNESS OF BREATH Breath training helps you relieve shortness of breath by growing your lung muscle strength and breathing efficiency so you can get more air in and out of your lungs with […]

Can respiratory training help dealing with post-Covid symptoms?

Like millions of people around the world, Cathrine’s life unexpectedly took a turn when she got infected by Covid-19. She had heard of the devastating effects of this disease in the elderly generation, or even in those with some medical conditions but she would have never imagined what it could actually do to her, a […]

Study shows that RMT can help long COVID haulers recover

A new study shows significant benefits in using Airofit to recover from COVID-related respiratory symptoms.   Living with shortness of breath can be incredibly challenging, especially for those enduring the long-term effects of COVID-19. However, there is hope on the horizon in the form of breathing training, also known as respiratory muscle training (RMT)  Groundbreaking research […]

Breathing for sprint sports

You’re in the blocks, waiting for the start. Adrenaline is coursing through your body, as you wait to explode into action. You’ve trained hard. Visualized the win a thousand times, crossing the finishing line and the crowd going wild. It all comes down to the next few seconds. Sprinting is a uniquely demanding activity that […]

Breathwork – learning to breathe better

Back on a chilly day in February, we attended a workshop at the Airofit HQ, run by our good friend and breathwork coach Tom Stijven. A laid-back Belgian, Tom had experienced a ‘road to Damascus’ moment on discovering the Wim Hof method, which significantly improved the symptoms of his illness – fibromyalgia.  After a session of […]

Boost endurance and athletic performance – better breathing 101

Learning the basics of good breathing practices and techniques might seem odd to some. “Duh, I think I know how to breathe,” is a common reaction, or else a suspicion that breathwork is strictly for the yoga and incense crowd. But times are changing and increasingly we see professional sports coaches, personal trainers and pro […]

Triathlon – 3 is the magic number

Triathlon – It’s not about finding your limits. It’s about finding out what lies just beyond them. In July 2021 Kristian Blummenfelt took the Olympic triathlon gold, after ten years of intense training and preparation. Most of us would be happy to ‘rest on our laurels’  a while, and bask in the glory.  But the then 27 […]

3 tips to treat your hay fever without medicine

Do you know the desperate feeling of itchy eyes, constant sneezing and runny nose during the pollen season? Your hay fever (a.k.a. seasonal allergy, pollen allergy, allergic rhinitis) causes inflammation of your respiratory airways and more mucus is produced to trap the pollen particles. Your airways narrow and it’s almost impossible for you to breathe.  […]

Understand the importance of forced vital capacity

Measuring forced vital capacity (FVC) is part of a spirometry or pulmonary function test that is conducted to assess lung health, airflow, and help in disease diagnosis and effectiveness of medical treatment. Forced vital capacity is the amount of air that can be forcibly exhaled from your lungs after inhaling as deeply as possible. It […]